Hidden Wolf Publishing is a place for philosophical and creative thought. Through expressive and experiential writing we can access a kind of philosophical thought that would otherwise be given in a straight-forward and dry manner. We celebrate the creative and the thought provoking, as well as the simply beautiful and awe inspiring.

The literary inspiration that Hidden Wolf authors draw from cover a wide range of influential thinkers and writers. This mottled array spreads from Eastern philosophers such as Lao-Tzu to the modernist writing of Virginia Woolf, from the great Fyodor Dostoyevsky to the hilarious PG Wodehouse, and from the very specific style of Franz Kafka to the wonderfully scientific writings of HG Wells. We would be remiss not to include Hunter S Thompson, Jack London, Douglas Adams, as well as the remarkable and inspiring Hermann Hesse.

Underneath the literary aspect there is of course the indebtedness to certain philosophical thinkers. This includes a range of philosophers from the poetic Friedrich Nietzsche to the controversial intellectual heavy-weight Martin Heidegger. This thrust of ideas does indeed run back through Arthur Schopenhauer and finds a wellspring of depth and fertile ground in the monumental works of Immanuel Kant.