Henry’s Walk

Henry's Walk book image

Author: Kane Simpson
Published: 2016
Length: 329 pages
Genre: Surreal Fiction
ISBN: 978-1-326-58227-2

Henry falls into a dream-like world which offers a journey through the heavily symbolical expanse of his conscious mind. From a feeling of pointlessness, and realising that he had spent his time on Earth striving without contemplation, Henry embarks on a path of self-discovery and understanding.

Henry’s Walk is a surreal and metaphorical journey of self-discovery filled with people and environments that manifest the many unrealised oddities of life.

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The figure, still facing away from Henry, now spoke in a softer tone, ‘Your mind is betraying you. When you learn of something new, you see it everywhere. When you are human, you also see that everywhere.’



“ ‘There is one thing I will always remember though, something ye mentor said to me.’ Jakke looked over at Halim and slowly, with great effort, recited the words, ‘Bursting forth from the primordial feeling that has existed long before we learned how to speak, music is our original condition rising up and calling out.’ He let out another laugh, ‘I never really agreed with it though […] If it were true, then I shouldn’t get the same feeling from the calling of the ocean.’”


“Oort took in a breath and smiled. ‘So, does it amount to nothing? If the centre is all madness and laughter, then what can be built from such a ridiculous foundation?’ The man in blue almost laughed, but instead replied, ‘Everything.’ ”


“Laughing, the snake gently slipped down a dune and rolled onto its back, out of the sight of Henry it wriggled in pleasure. It held its eyes tightly closed as it danced the soft white underside of its belly towards the sun, letting out brief bursts of hissing laughter. After finishing, the sand around the resting snake was stamped with the marks of several s-shaped grooves. This new found stillness was only broken by an occasional lick of the air, tasting for Henry’s next move.”