Short Stories


A Branching Narrative3012 words

Set in the not so distant future, Oliver is heading of to work via the hub system (a network of teleporters) when the machine malfunctions and clones him. The story centres around the reaction of the second version of Oliver finding out that he’s a clone. This piece is a reaction to the “duplication problem” in personal identity philosophy.

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Mr Beton925 words

This story is about a retired man and his old dog Griffe. Although Mr Beton is happily finished with his youthful pursuit of striving, his dreams reveal to him something immutable about himself. There is a certain trace of life that is calling out to him, demanding to be once again materialised through his actions.

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Those Eyes413 words

More of a rumination than a short story, this short piece of writing is trying to capture a strange experience of something akin to the They, or the Big Other. Although, maybe it’s not. I can’t really remember the exact catalyst, but I still recall the feeling it is trying to explain.

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Earth Beats Fire2433 words

James is caught between the unhappy relationship between his parents. Although never noticed, he has become a kind of pawn in the power-play between his mother and father. This story centres around a dream in which James overcomes his place in the household and realises that his own worth is bolstered within himself, not dictated by those around him.

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Fish Coffee1526 words

Fish Coffee is focussed on the repetitious nature of everyday life. It is a light-hearted comment on the absurdity of the routine lives that we all maintain—at least now and again. It is written as an inner monologue in a stream-of-consciousness type way.

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Weathering the Storm2610 words

This is a bit different than the other stories because it is autobiographical. Weathering the Storm is a retelling of a strange experience that involved a rather large lightning storm, a sporadic reading of Schopenhauer’s The World as Will and Representation, and an odd sense of calmness.

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